Saturday, June 04, 2011

Why I need a Play Station?

I have always been an avid games freek. The best ones that I like are Strategy games like - Age of Empires, and some sports games like FiFA and Cricket. But most of my gaming experience has been on my laptop. I wish I had a Xbox or Playstation. But to convince my wife, I need these gadgets come disguised as something much more useful.
I know that a Sony PS can double up as a DVD player, but guess what, we already have a DVD player at home. I wish we have a Game console, that can also act as a:
  • Set top Box, so we can plug it to our TV using the 3G enabled services
  • Organizer, so we can use it to set reminders
  • Phone, as it already has a USB port to connect with the internet
  • Exerciser, with the new Wii technology, I don't think that is too much to expect
  • Some Addon softwares like Photo Editors, Movie Makers will make the gadget much for useful.
  • Dynamo?? We repeatedly click the mouse atleast a 100 times if we play a game for 10 minutes, imagine the number of clicks or button presses when playing with a game console. This activity can be tapped to build electricity, that can be used to recharge batteries. I know it sounds far-fetched, or may be downright wierd, but hey I am just thinking aloud.
These will make the gadget much more useful for Family Guys like me. So are the Nintendo's and Sony PS guys listening ?