Saturday, November 26, 2011

Only One Slap!!!

I did a random google check on the phrase 'Only One Slap" and a whopping 54,200,000 entries showed up. What made Annaji make that remark is not clear, but obviously he did tickle the giggle glands of the nation. Only one slap?.....Hee Hee !! Another one, probably more apt - "Only Sharad ?"
Why only single out Sharad, when there are so many others.
It all started when Rajiv Gandhi was attacked by a Sri Lankan sailor way back in 1987. Luckily he had good reflexes and escaped with a small bump on his head. Our agriculture minister however, was not so nimble footed, and got hit square on his face. In fact, knowing what a die hard fan Sharad is of Gandhiji, I almost thought he would offer his other cheek! I know this was not taken very kindly by the Political fraternity, and was condemned all round. They are all aware that they could be the next in line.

However, this incident made me always wonder - from where does these type of lone crusaders arise. Who are these guys?
We know of Muntadhar Al-Zaidi, who singlehandedly added a new genre of online games, when his Shoe Throwing act on Bush spawned multitudes of shoe aiming games online. He may have missed his target, but the game makers did capitalize on this incident to the hilt. Then we had the Ruchika case accused SPS Rathore attacker - . Utsav Sharma. He did manage to remove that morbid smile off the face of the tainted officer, at least for a while.

With the state of our politics, many more would join the ranks with Utsav and Harvinder. But what are a few slaps and may be kicks (on the butt) too, after a life time of looting the public and amassing untold fortunes. Our beloved Netas are so stinking rich that they are now at their wits end on how to spend their crores. They already own fleets of imported cars, wear garlands of 1000 rupee notes, have temples and statues built for themselves, and a lot more. If by a twist of fate they do get caught, they can enjoy government hospitality for a few weeks or months and then again go scottfree. We do not have even a single politician who has served a prison sentence for corruption. Our courts have obviously kotowed in front of these corrupt to the core Netas, so now street justice is our only glimmer of hope.