Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dasvidania - A Viewpoint

Sometimes its a good feeling to look back..just sit down, relax…and think about the past! Not to measure up with what we have accomplished, but to enjoy those special moments which have got embedded somewhere deep beneath the multiple layers of worldly ambitions.

I remember the first time I left my home and moved out, in search of better life so- to-say..or may be to Stand up on my Feet? That was the last time I had felt a lump in my throat, a deep sinking feeling of truly missing someone. I did shed a few lonely tears, much to my disbelief..whats wrong with me I thought..
Be a Man !!!
I cajoled my self.

And I built a wall around me, put everything which could bring out the imperfect, fallible human in me, behind it.

We all do this at some point or the other, so that we are better equipped to face the world, its competition and ruthlessness. Our enjoyments and fun too start changing..we enjoy more when we think our loved ones are happy, we feel satisfied when we see we have a social standing, but we never try to see what acutally can stir up that child in us and make him/her giggle with innocent and unrestricted glee!

The movie Dasvidania, which I recently watched talks of that unrestricted glee. Something which we have experienced when we were children, and may be (just may be) again experience when we are in our sixties.

But it does not have to be like that, we can still be ourselves at times and do things which we had always thought of doing and for that we need not be terminally ill like Amar of Dasvidania too. Its just that we have to weigh out the pros and cons, not with an open mind, but from our heart!

I am sure if anyone of us has to write down a wish list of Things to do before I die, then it will be a long list, not restricted to just 10 wishes. But the challenge is to bring it down to the most important 10 wishes. The purpose - just to make me happy..not anyone else…not my family or friends. Just Me! - Selfish isn’t it? I feel the guilt in me even as I write this!

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